How it works

I-127 proposes simple rules that allow renters to know what they’re paying for and it allows our city to provide accurate rental cost data analysis on an ongoing basis.


Keeping up with Trends

  • A breakdown in rental cost is included in every new lease.
    • Includes: base rent, taxes, maintenance costs, administrative costs, and other costs included in total rent.
  • An updated breakdown is provided with every rent increase – including those for month-to-month tenants.
  • Renters are given power to request proof of cost.
  • The Department of Construction & Inspection is given power to enforce rental cost transparency.
  • The City will open a web portal for tenants & landlords to voluntarily provide rental cost information.
  • 5 years after passage of the law, rental cost breakdowns are part of rental property re-registration.
  • The City will have a way to accurately track rent trends and how they affect tenants and landlords alike.

* Owner-occupied single family residences, duplexes, Mother-in-Law units, cottages, & State/Federally subsidized properties will be exempt from this law.

Full text of the iniative